Operation Cat Drop in Borneo Sarawak by the Royal Air Force was an ecological fable in the early 1950s. The World Health Organization (WHO) tried to mitigate the malaria disease in local villages by spraying large amounts of DDT chemical, which in turn affected the food chain in the ecosystem. The predators to local rats started to die and the rat population flourished.


The solution?

Thousands of live cats (in crates) were parachuted by the air force into remote upland villages of Sarawak! 


The rat problem was solved pretty quickly.




Sarawakian history is sprinkled with many interesting stories. Much of it, like the Operation Cat Drop, are relatively little known.

At TAMU, we understand the unique Sarawakian story. Like the poets of old, we strive to interpret our heritage and traditions in a modern way. At the same time, we want to redefine modern lifestyle, while staying true to our Sarawakian roots.


Ultimately, TAMU is crafted with the idea of providing a platform to celebrate local brands, talents and most importantly the Sarawakian way of life.

If journey had a home,

it would be filled with the richness of

history and heritage

If journey had a home,

it would be filled with the richness of

culture and tradition

If journey had a home,

its home would be TAMU Kuching.

TAMU Kuching, The Authentic Sarawakian Experience.

A symbol of the





A third place between home and office where people can linger and meet each other to spend quality time together, so you'll feel right at home.

Arts and Culture

Kuching's first rooftop performing arts centre (PAC), a creative space for Kuchingites to express their appreciation for the arts and hone their craft.

Food Haven

An ideal setting for that alfresco dining commercial space that is specially designed to house food and beverage tenants.


A vibrant place where fresh and interesting ideas, offerings and movements intersect.



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